ACE1200 uses LiFePO4 battery, safer and more stable, high temperature resistant, long life, supports 3000+ cycles. Wifi/Bluetooth control and monitoring, smart and convenient. The solar panel is combined with a cycle power supply, which can be fully charged in 1.5H, supports wireless charging, and meets the electricity demand for outdoor camping and picnics in multiple scenarios, and can  driven multiple camping appliances.

1.Integrates Solar controller, Two-way inverter, Lithium battery and BMS
2.Support dual Type-c 100W fast charging
3.Support four way USBA-18W independent fast charging
4.Support 12V car charging
5.Support 15W wireless charging
6.Support AC 1000W charging
7.Support 5521, Cigarette lighter output
8.With overload, over temperature, short circuit, undervoltage, overvoltage protection,  etc.
9.Pure sine wave output, high power factor
10.Support Bluetooth and WIFI smart control by connecting APP

11.Support upgrade drive 2400W


To become  a world-class clean energy solution provider and create a better life for mankind

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