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Ampower ESS Products Stunning the Show of All-Energy Australia 2023

All-Energy Australia 2023 was held dated 25th-26th October,2023 at Melbourne Convention and Exhibition center,Australia.  The global leading ESS and lithium battery products were displayed and demonstrated at the show.


Ampower most popular ESS products including 3 series were firstly showed at the great show in Australia market: 

1. Portable Power Station: ACE600 (409WH), ACE1200 (1024WH), ACE1800 (1024WH), ACE2400 (1792WH), ACE3600 (3072WH)

2. Balcony solar power storage system 

3. Household solar power ESS ranging from 5000Wh to 30,000Wh as well as smart energy management solutions. 


Ampower ESS products with different capacity and  output power meet different application such as outdoor hiking, RV self-driving, off-road camping,  emergency rescue, fishing, and household standby power supplies. 

Household ESS system provide power for refrigerators, induction cookers and the whole family daily power consumption. 

As reported by SunWiz, an Australian solar market consulting firm, in 2022, Australia deployed approximately 47,100 residential battery storage systems, in total capacity of around 589MWh. This marks a 55% increasing compared to the previous year. Additionally, Australia's commercial and industrial ESS are in the process of rapid growing.

Ampower ESS products devote to high-quality , safer and longer life energy storage system products to help more Australian users clean energy and better life. 

Pre:Ampower contributes to the Future of Clean Energy:appear at the 2023 RE+ Expo

To become  a world-class clean energy solution provider and create a better life for mankind

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