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Ampower contributes to the Future of Clean Energy:appear at the 2023 RE+ Expo

Las Vegas, the largest city in Nevada, USA, is a world-renowned resort city centered on the gambling industry. It is known as the "Entertainment Capital of the World" and is also known as the "City that Never Sleeps in the Desert". Along with the city Passion and vitality are due to the huge demand for electricity. In recent years, it has also become a hot city in the North American photovoltaic market.

"From September 12th to 14th, local time, the largest clean energy exhibition in North America, the 2023 US International Solar Expo (RE+), was grandly held in this captivating city of lights and shadows. Nearly 1300+ leading global companies presented a spectacular and diverse exhibition in the field of solar and energy storage to a global audience."

As a key player in the field, Ampower New Energy showcased the latest portable energy storage products and solutions, setting a new standard for the future of renewable energy. We introduced a series of high-performance and highly secure energy storage products under the Ampower brand AMACE, including five portable energy storage products: ACE600 (409WH), ACE1200 (1024WH), ACE1800 (1024WH), ACE2400 (1792WH), and ACE3600 (3072WH).Self-driving tours and outdoor camping have become more popular.Portable energy storage products are suitable for various outdoor applications. In addition to traditional camping equipment, such as rice cookers, electric kettles, coffee makers, projectors, drones, photography equipment and portable air conditioners have gradually become essential for outdoor experiences. The camping trend has boosted the surrounding industries, and portable energy storage products are a rapidly growing.These products provide diverse options for long-distance outdoor travel, home backup power, outdoor construction, film and television production, emergency rescue, and more, meeting the electricity needs of different scenarios!"

With the rising energy prices and the power outages caused by natural disasters, the demand for household photovoltaic storage products in European and American countries has grown rapidly in recent years. AMACE exhibited household energy storage products and system solutions of 5-30kwh this time, giving end users a comfortable experience and attracting customers from many countries to have in-depth discussion and discuss cooperation opportunities.The All-in-one ESS household storage solution is composed of HP5500LO-ON (5kW off-grid transformer) and HP51100-LO (5kWh battery) integrated installation; the system adopts wireless stacking installation, making installation easy. The total battery capacity can be expanded from 5kWh to a maximum of 30kWh, meeting diverse energy storage needs in the market and various application scenarios.The system is equipped with a hybrid off-grid and on-grid inverter, capable of grid-tied reverse power supply and various functions such as PV charging and energy discharge. It not only effectively utilizes solar energy but also supports peak shaving and valley filling. While harnessing green energy, it offers significant economic benefits."

AMACE's energy storage system can also provide reliable power in areas with unstable power grids. By integrating automatic backup devices, partial or whole-house loads can be supplied via photovoltaic systems and batteries even in the event of a grid failure. In addition, AMACE IOT also integrates a smart energy management system, allowing homeowners to remotely monitor and control the entire system to optimize energy usage.

Energy storage system: Our energy storage system adopts intelligent management technology, which can improve the utilization rate of electric energy, reduce energy waste, and achieve higher energy efficiency.

Intelligent energy management solutions: Our solutions combine advanced software and hardware technologies to help users better manage and optimize energy consumption and reduce energy costs. Provide users with reliable energy backup and clean energy options. These products incorporate state-of-the-art technology designed to increase energy storage efficiency, reduce environmental impact and promote wider adoption of renewable energy. Support our pursuit of cost savings and reliable power supplies for families while promoting sustainable living. "

In the future, AMACE will continue to further expand into the North American market. With increasingly higher-quality products and solutions, continually improved quality and services, we aim to earn the recognition and trust of more global customers. Together, we will contribute to accelerating the dual carbon revolution and achieving global green, low-carbon, and sustainable development.

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