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Ampower makes its first shocking appearance in Japan with new energy storage products

From September 13th to 15th, the 2023 Japan Battery Exhibition was held at the Chiba Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Center. Ampower New Energy made a stunning appearance with its latest energy storage products, attracting a large number of audiences to watch and negotiate.

The Japanese energy storage market has experienced rapid development in recent years and is facing growing demand for clean energy and energy storage technology.Ampower New Energy provides high-performance, sustainable energy storage solutions for the Japanese market. Japan’s energy storage market situation: According to industry analysis, Japan’s energy storage market continues to grow, mainly driven by the following factors:

1. Renewable energy integration: The Japanese government actively encourages the adoption of renewable energy, and energy storage technology has become the key to the smooth integration of renewable energy.

2. Energy security: Japan’s concerns about energy security have prompted the growth of the energy storage market to ensure the reliability of power supply.

3. Environmental regulations: The Japanese government has promulgated a series of environmental regulations, requiring cleaner and more sustainable energy, stimulating the demand for energy storage technology.

At this exhibition, Ampower New Energy launched a range of high-performance and highly secure energy storage products, including five portable power station: ACE600 (409WH), ACE1200 (1024WH), ACE1800 (1024WH), ACE2400 (1792WH), and ACE3600 (3072WH). As well as household energy storage systems from 5000WH to 30,000WH. These products, with different power and capacity options, can be used in various application scenarios, including outdoor travel, RV self-driving, off-road camping, outdoor photography, emergency rescue, fishing, and home backup power. They provide robust power support for household appliances such as refrigerators, induction cookers, and speakers.

Another popular product is the A200 Balcony Energy Storage Station. It garnered widespread attention at the exhibition due to its plug-and-play and easy installation design advantages. It is compatible with over 90% of balcony photovoltaic micro-inverter systems available in the market. IP65 protection rating and is equipped with a BMS system featuring heating functions, ensuring stable operation in various environments. Moreover, the product offers convenient installation; users simply need to connect the module (PV Hub) between the photovoltaic panel and micro-inverter using the MC4 safety interface, and then plug the energy storage battery interface directly into the module (PV Hub) for seamless usage.

As for performance specifications, it offers a storage capacity of 2150Wh, expandable up to 8600Wh, with a maximum output power of 1920W and a maximum photovoltaic input power of 4000W, capable of meeting the electricity needs of most households. Economically, it is estimated that it can help users save more than 30% on their annual electricity bills. Additionally, users can use the built-in app to view and manage energy usage, providing real-time monitoring of energy costs. Furthermore, compared to traditional rooftop solar and storage systems, this balcony energy storage station can save nearly one thousand dollars in installation costs. This offers tremendous appeal to users seeking energy efficiency, environmental friendliness, economic benefits, and a convenient experience.

Relevant personnel said: “The Japanese market provides important opportunities for the rapid growth of energy storage technology, and we will do our best to provide customers with the best storage technology. Energy solutions to support a clean and sustainable energy future." In the future, Ampower New Energy will continue to actively participate in this market and promote the advancement of energy storage technology to meet the growing demand. Help Japan adjust its energy structure and lead the wave of global energy change.

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